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About us

We are a small team of physiotherapists specialising in the practice of physical therapy in the  Maitland® concept.


  • Kerstin Reinicke

    Kerstin Reinicke

    Manual therapist
  • Carmen Hawle

    Carmen Hawle

  • Stefanie Wagner

    Stefanie Wagner

  • Susanne Bea

    Susanne Bea

    Manual therapist
  • Melanie Paulacher

    Melanie Paulacher

    Manual therapist
  • Petra Kammerer

    Petra Kammerer

    practical organisation and billing


Communication between therapist and doctor.

Our comprehensive documentation and treatment of complicated symptoms enables us to correspond with other healthcare specialists to assist in your care. Doctors often request our patient assessment reportsas they provide an accurate overview of the physiotherapist’s diagnosis and any treatment administered.